T-?Minutes: Musing 3-Down to the Wire

horse raceWell, we’re down to the wire now. This race of results is coming to an end. What a wild ride the last few days have been for the Rett community. Time to stand up and peer down the final stretch. The horses have all rounded the curve and they’re coming in hot. So, who will win? The one with 81 jockeys called “Slam dunk”? or the oneĀ called “Not so Great” or “Not too bad”?

I don’t know if it’ll be Slam Dunk or Not too bad, but I’m fairly certain Not so Great will be left in the dust. What a race it’s been. Straight outta the gate we could tell it was going to be a show stopper. So many hopes are riding on it. We’ve got our betting cards out. Did we guess right? Whatever the results, I want to thank EVERYONE-parents, researchers, rettsyndrome.org, rettland.org, Neuren and it’s stockholders-for laying their money down and betting on the outcome we’re hoping for. You all made this 2nd race of the Triple Crown possible.

The tension is almost like thunder in my ears; like hooves pounding in the dirt-that’s my heart. Come on, Slam Dunk. Come on, bring it home.

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2 Responses to T-?Minutes: Musing 3-Down to the Wire

  1. Mal Wilson (mw03) says:

    THE NEWS IS OUT!!!!!

    “Trofinetide significant clinical benefit in Rett syndrome”

    Our thoughts are with you.

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