Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

All over the country and world people are promoting Rett syndrome Awareness in many ways. There are fund-raisers galore and many ways the general public can participate. In California there are the upcoming SoCal picnic (Oct 21) and the NorCal strollathon, (Oct 14) the Purple Pumpkin Party  (Oct. 28) to benefit Katie’s Clinic, in addition to a huge fund-raiser in Los Angeles, Reverse Rett LA (Oct 13). For locations and information on Strollathons around the US-click here. There are some additional fundraisers listed on rettsyndrome.org’s Event Calendar. 

On Facebook there are several moms who have their own businesses or ebay stores or are consultants for various brands, several of them are donating a portion of their sales to Rett syndrome charities this month. It’s important to share on your own pages so that people other than those already involved in Rett syndrome can participate. Also, sharing on Twitter and other social media.

One of the most visible ways a lot of people are raising awareness, maybe not fundraising but still fun, is painting fingernails and toenails purple. I do this with Katie every year and I get “Cure Rett” written on them, this opens up a LOT of conversations.

Take time to participate in strollathons if you can, they are very rewarding experiences. There are so many fun ways to interact with other families, even if it’s just on Facebook and sharing pictures of purple nails. Rett syndrome is rough, let’s have a little FUN!



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