Lavender and Lilac

Allow me to introduce you to the code names of the Trofinetide Phase III! Makes me think of the time I was in the VP’s motorcade and we all had code names, lol.

First up we have Lavender- a 12 week double blind trial of 180 participants. 1/2 receive the placebo; 1/2 receive Trofinetide. This is to be followed up by…

Lilac! One of my favorite flowers ever. Lilac is a 40 week trial of Trofinetide. Everyone who finishes the Lavender phase is eligible to participate in the Lilac phase.

I just want to say whomever came up with these names is BRILLIANT! What a sweet and subtle way to pay homage to our girls and boys.

You can read Acadia’s full statement-here!

Steadily moving forward!!

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1 Response to Lavender and Lilac

  1. Rose and Renee says:

    Shades of purple. 💜
    I like it.
    Mel, thanks for always keeping us informed.

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