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Our Unconquerable Souls

Nearly 70 years ago, Andreas Rett  observed two girls in his office with similar symptoms and thus began the known journey of Rett syndrome. In 1966 several German publications recognized his work. However, it wasn’t until 1983 that Dr. Bengt … Continue reading

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A Month of Awareness

  October is Rett syndrome Awareness Month. This means of course to make OTHER people aware of Rett syndrome; for us parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers the whole YEAR is awareness month.   So, how to make people aware? There are … Continue reading

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Army of Us

Duncan Millar and James Westgate inspire so many people everyday. They’ll tell you it’s our girls and boys that are inspiring, but it’s a mutual thing. They ALWAYS find the exactly right words to make us parents and caregivers feel … Continue reading

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A Steeper Hill

Duncan Millar has written a marvelous blogpost about walking and Rett syndrome. You can read it on the Army of Us blog. Duncan is a whiz when it comes to finding amazingly cool ways to make a point through his … Continue reading

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Monday was President’s Day in America, honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Of course, they deserve to be honored-one for forging a Nation and the other for saving it. Another mom was asking for inspirational quotes and it brought to … Continue reading

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Army of Us Challenge

As many of you know Duncan Millar and James Westgate are two of my all time favorite people I’ve never met in real life. They are phenomenal. So they put out a call to load a picture and list three … Continue reading

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