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The Bleacher Seats

I read an article yesterday from the Bleacher Report about the race for a “concussion pill”. It went on an on about mouse models stage research and there really isn’t even a possible solution in sight just yet. So, being … Continue reading

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Raise Rett Syndrome Awareness

I’ve had my mind on other things, so somehow this escaped me, but today there is an organized push to raise Rett syndrome awareness, through #rettsyndromeawareness While we do devote the entire month of October to Rett Syndrome Awareness, it … Continue reading

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Epic Fail (Not)

Today was an epic fail on my part. And so I will generalize this day and trials, not just Trofinetide, but just in general. I started out with a GREAT premise…Katie would LOVE a whale watch. We were on one … Continue reading

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Will it be Luck in Spades?

Neuren has gone in to a trading halt pending (presumably) the results of the Intrepid-2566 TBI study. I can only imagine how the long term stock holders are feeling at this moment….will their hopes be realized? Those dreamed 10 years … Continue reading

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Three more Colors of Dawn

As Rett syndrome Awareness Month comes to a close, I want to bring to attention two other disorders… Fragile X and Traumatic Brain Injury. What do they have to do with Rett syndrome? … Trofinetide and a chance. In the … Continue reading

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Newsworthy News!

Today, like many other Rett parents, I got an e-mail from Neuren in regards to their Chairman’s Address to Stockholders. It was chock full of hopeful expectations. Of particular note: “Finally, I would like to make some remarks in relation … Continue reading

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A Call to Arms!

We have yet another chance to influence the course of Rett syndrome research! Paige Nues, Director of Family Empowerment, sent out an email…In part it says: As the result of meetings just held in Washington DC, many of our elected … Continue reading

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