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The Bleacher Seats

I read an article yesterday from the Bleacher Report about the race for a “concussion pill”. It went on an on about mouse models stage research and there really isn’t even a possible solution in sight just yet. So, being … Continue reading

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Let’s Break it Down-5 (Neuren Aims, Shoots, Scores! Slam Dunk!)

  Yes, we have finally reached the last part of the Pediatric Trial Results. Hooray. It was quite a challenge for me and hopefully I made it understandable for everyone. I want to thank those people who explained things to me … Continue reading

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A Rett Syndrome Mother’s Day

As special parents know, holidays are almost always a let down. Christmas usually sucks so bad it borders on travesty. Mother’s Day is a complicated day for us mothers. First of all, you can almost guarantee that whole eat in … Continue reading

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Neuren and Darwinism : Neurenism?

Well, this will make Rett syndrome parents’ blood boil- A blog post about the “failed” Phase II Rett study with NNZ-2566 by someone who cannot grasp the significance of the findings. It’s like someone saying the world is flat and … Continue reading

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The Blue Bird Circle Rett Center at Texas Children’s Neuroscience Center

A nice overall explanation of Rett syndrome, therapies available, and potential drugs (Trofinitide 🙂 ) that may lead to real treatment. Dr. Glaze is a marvelous doctor. He was so calm, committed and excited at every little new thing Katelin … Continue reading

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A Lucky Shamrock

Borris, another parent, scatters shamrocks for me amongst his posts. It makes me smile and feels like the little sprinkling of fairy dust that made Peter Pan fly, only I don’t fly, but I do cheer up, and sometimes that’s … Continue reading

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Brand New Day

Having less than 24 hours to process the events of yesterday, I must say I feel like I am dreaming. Like there is this energy inside me that just doesn’t know where to go or what to do, like I … Continue reading

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