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A Body Bound by a Brain #1

  When people see a young child with Rett syndrome, parents often get “they look normal.” It’s almost like a question, as if questioning the parent that they’re child is actually disabled. It’s a weird sensation in that moment-there’s nothing … Continue reading

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Let’s Break it Down-4

Well! If the last section was a stormy sea of up and down graphs and whirlpools of numbers, I think we’re in for some smoother sailing now! In the last post, three of the five measurements used in this trial … Continue reading

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T- ?hours:Musing 1- Hands are Clasped

Hand clasping is the signature sign of Rett Syndrome. It prevents most girls from using their hands. Katie is very, very fortunate to have pretty good hand use, incredible hand use if you take Rett syndrome into consideration. This morning … Continue reading

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