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One Girl with Two Backs of Steel

    On July 31, I did the one thing I’ve feared for 10 years. I let my child go into surgery for kyphosis. It’s hard to describe those 10 years of thoughts-the being told surgery was inevitable, being told … Continue reading

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A Backbone of Steel

For 24 years I have taken care of Katelin. I know every mark on her body. I know when a new freckle pops up. I know why she has scars on the tops of her feet, because in severe anxious … Continue reading

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B is for Body Apps- Bones

I have to admit, Katelin’s homeschooling is largely directed by my interests first. I’m a big fan of science, but luckily, it turns out she likes it, too. The Human Body is one shared interest. Her Favorite part is the … Continue reading

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