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It Will be OK

I’m looking at my right hand. There’s a two inch scar, now, down the thumb side, where they cut in and took a bone out. Oh, they explained the whole procedure, what they didn’t say is “it will look different. … Continue reading

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B is for Body Apps- Bones

I have to admit, Katelin’s homeschooling is largely directed by my interests first. I’m a big fan of science, but luckily, it turns out she likes it, too. The Human Body is one shared interest. Her Favorite part is the … Continue reading

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Animal Apps-Part III- Classify It

One of my educational goals for Katelin is that she learns the Animal Kingdom ie: vertebrates vs invertebrates and Classification. This app-Classify It- is very basic, but interactive. Providing a snippet of information about its main question, it reinforces some … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

In a lifetime, names are some of the most important words we’ll ever know. Picture that expectant mom and dad- sometimes they’ve known for years what they wanted to name their baby-a family name, a favorite relative, a junior, a … Continue reading

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Animal Apps-Part II

Well, the excitement of a blizzard with hurricane winds is keeping us occupied today, but definitely no going out, can’t see much of my car anyway, lol and a long time to go. Katie’s favorite animal app is SoundTouch. It … Continue reading

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A is for Animals-Apps Part I

I went to see our counselor on Saturday, I told him I’m a bit anxious waiting on the FDA, he’s like “dudette you’ve got to keep you mind off counting the freakin’ days like a timebomb ticking” not his exact … Continue reading

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Soon, Just a Phone Call Away

How simple a thing a phone call seems. Katie’s sister sends her videos on the phone for her to watch, and Katelin listens when her sister calls, but not once have they had a conversation, except when Katie was one … Continue reading

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One Person can Change the World- Be the Light

Martin Luther King Day got me to thinking about how one person can change the world; they really can. He did. So did plenty of other people, all in their own way, someĀ  great, some small. Some I don’t know … Continue reading

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The Elephants in the Special Needs Room

All very true.

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I Wonder What I Would Do….

This week, as so often before, beautiful, loved children were taken from their families. Sometimes, there’s been a while to adjust, it seems, though what do I know? Only that their daughter has been sick awhile, but do they adjust? … Continue reading

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